by bunnyrape


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so you want to be lame. but you already type with perfect punctuation. so stop, stfu and read on k? this is primarily aimed at irc, it will not work so well in other chat/msg clients.


lesson 1 ->



lesson #1: the lame nickname


ok, read up. the first step of being lame is having a lame nickname. if you have something on irc like ‘rosebuds’ or ‘bigcat’, people are likely to take you more seriously. go for something controversial and/or try to include lame words. you can also have a name which makes no sense, but usually you get banned much more quickly like that. i assume you use efnet, since the nicks below are a max of 9 chars. if you use dalnet, you’re already lame, so you don’t need to read this tutorial.








lesson 2 ->




lesson #2: lame smileys


lame smileys are a critical part of any lamer’s lameness. you can use them anywhere, as their meaning is usually undefined and random. all these smileys work best in verdana.




O_O – eyes wide open

o_O / O_o – one eye open

^_^ - korean smile

^^ - korean smile (only lamer with no mouth)

:O – used as shocked non-lamely, but still important to use

:\ - slightly irritated/confused/damn/hmm etc.
:S - some meaning.. who knows what exactly? :\

:x / :X - no idea


you can also adapt any letter/symbol to a smiley. that way you can personalize your lame intentions.




X – X_X
P – p_P

? - ?_?


lesson 3 ->




lesson #3: lame words – hi2u


hi2u is undeniably the gayest greeting you can give someone. which owns. because it’s precisely what we want to achieve. you can mix hi2u with other lame words and phrases.








lesson 4 ->




lesson #4: lame words – die


die is the most common response to anything and everything. whenever someone makes a 1% or more serious statement (or a request), just put a little ‘die’ or ‘dieplz’ after.



<person1> i think this channel needs moderating

<person2> die


lesson 5 ->




lesson #5: lame words – plz


plz can be combined with most things. it looks a lot lamer than ‘please’. it is often used after a request on a single line.







examples 2:


<person1> anyone have xyz123.r05

<person1> plz


lesson 6 ->




lesson #6: lame words – thx


like plz, thx can be combined with most things. unlike plz, thx can be used as a more direct term. eg: instead of asking ‘stfuplz’, say ‘stfuthx’. it’s more lame, more personal and more ownage. :O it also works on it’s own line, like ‘k’ (see example 2). it can also be reinforced (like ‘k’) with ONE exclamation mark. only ever use one!








examples 2:


<person1> hey

<person2> stfu

<person2> thx!


lesson 7 ->




lesson #7: lame words – np


np = ‘no problem’. commonly used after a personal comment or when you or someone else receives thanks. works best after thanks for someone else, so you can reap credit for something you never did. lame huh? X_X





examples 2:

* DCC send from person3 completed in 14m

<person1> thanks person3 for the file

<person2> np


lesson 8 ->




lesson #8: lame words – lol


this word was stolen and made lame. never say ‘rofl’ or ‘lmao’. they make you look like a moron. and you want to be lame. not a moron. k? no matter how funny something is, use either lol, or add a z0r (explained later). also, make sure to laugh at things that aren’t funny either to anyone or to the person saying it. if you overuse lol, like after every line someone says, it becomes extremely annoying and therefore lame. which is good.



<person1> some lame joke!!!! punchline here!!

<person2> lol


examples 2:


<person1> did you see george bush on tv?

<person2> lol

<person1> stfu person2

<person2> lol

<person1> ok that’s really annoying

<person2> lol

<person1> ..


lesson 9 ->



lesson #9: lame words – teh


teh is great. use it lots (in place of ‘the’), but don’t overuse it. because you look like a moron. :/ it’s sometimes used in conjunction with adjectives without an ending attached. see example 1.



i am teh sux

i am teh win

i am teh yum

i am teh leet


lesson 10 ->




lesson #10: lame words – omg


omg = oh my god. omg is another overused but lame and kewl because of that. it’s a word enhancer - use it nonsparingly, but less than plz and thx.







lesson 11 ->




lesson #11: lame words – wtf


wtf = what the fuck. common use, but still required to be ultra lame.




wtf r u doing omg

stfu plzwtf


lesson 12 ->




lesson #12: lame words – pwn/own


pwn = own = rape = destroy. used after battles and such (if you won it/them). pwnage is another variant and means someone who pwns everyone/everything.



i pwned u omg

i’m teh pwnage k?


lesson 13 ->




lesson #13: lame words – asl


asl = age sex location. use for attention and as a greeting. this word also got hijacked and made lame.



* joins: person2

<person1> hi2u person2 asl?

<person2> stfuplz


lesson 14 ->




lesson #14: lame words – bbq


bbq is just a lame word that can be placed almost anywhere in a lame phrase. used in teh wrong place it makes you look gay, but it’s leet if used correctly, k?



<person1> hi person2

<person2> omghi2ubbq


examples 2:






lesson 15 ->




lesson #15: lame words – rawr


rawr is only useful when used with bbq, otherwise it’s not really very lame.. usually used as an expression of something being good or going right.



<person1> omg i just got kirby’s gay adventures with donkey kong on the nintendo ubercube!!1

<person1> rawrbbq


lesson 16 ->




lesson #16: lame words - wowow


wowow is a leet phrase used when something is amazing, unexpected or something happens that you like. not really annoying, but certainly it gets you teh old skool lame bonuses. you can tack on extra ‘ow’s to the end of wowow to create an infinitely long chain of lameness. if you replace teh o’s with 0’s it makes it even more lame, np.



<person1> wowowowowow

<person1> i just saw my sister masturbating to hamster porn jpg’s

<person2> w0w0w0w0w0w0w

<person2> videos plz


lesson 17 ->




lesson #17: lame words – 4u/2u


4u is something you can just shove on the end of any gay phrase you feel like and it’ll direct it towards someone, even if they don’t want it. it is also interchangeable with ‘4me’ to direct something to yourself. 2u is pretty much the same as 4u, but 2u2 can be used to redirect something to someone else (see example 3), although 4u2 can be used in certain situations (see example 4).



<person1> i just got out the shower

<person2> :O

<person2> pictures4meplz


examples 2:

<person1> hi, i just completed super mario world without dying!

<person2> omgcongrats4u


examples 3:


<person1> person2 stfu

<person2> stfu2u2


examples 4:


<person1> torture4u

<person1> np

<person2> torture4u2 person1

<person2> np x2


lesson 18 ->




lesson #18: lame words – uber


another word that got stolen from teh normal english language and pwnd. use it to enhance any word you fancy...



<person1> hi, 12/m/ukraine looking for other males pm me

<person2> stfu, no ubergays here thx


examples 2:


i’m teh uberwin

wowow, ubergfx


lesson 19 ->




lesson #19: replacing common words


replacing common words with shorter counterparts in certain phrases can gain you lame points. replace ‘you’ with ‘u’, ‘are’ with ‘r’, ‘and’ with ‘n’, ‘see’ with ‘c’ and ‘why’ with ‘y’. you can replace ‘too’ with ‘2’, but it’s not the same effect.



i c u, u lamer

u r teh lose

y r u doing that

r u a lamer

i r teh god of teh world

stfu n die n stuff


lesson 20 ->




lesson #20: exclamation marks


use lots of exclamation marks in place of where you’d normally use one or two. make sure towards the end you start adding ‘1’s instead of ‘!’s.



hahahaha stfuplz i own u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111


lesson 21 ->




lesson #21: k


k can be used to enforce a sentence (much like thx) and also used on it’s own line (to enforce the line before, attempt to stop a conversation or to announce your [re]arrival). like ‘thx’, if you use an exclamation mark only ever use ONE! multiples such as ‘kk’ or ‘kkk’ can also be used to acknowledge something.



<person1> hi

<person2> stfu n die

<person2> k?


examples 2:


<person1> blahblah person3

<person3> blah person2

<person2> k


examples 3:

<person1> person2 can you send me dev-sex.r62397205901?

<person2> kkkkkk


lesson 22 ->




lesson #22: prolong the end character


easy to do, do it when you want attention.



* quits: person1 (blahblah some quit msg)

<person2> i’m so boredddddddddddddddddddddddd


lesson 23 ->




lesson #23: trout slapping


a mirc specialty, makes little difference where you do it, good places include on joins, randomly when someone speaks... you can also excessively trout slap for maximum effect (see example 2).



* joins: person1

* person2 slaps person1 around a bit with a large trout


examples 2:


<person1> hi

* person2 slaps person1 around a bit with a large trout

* person2 slaps person1 around a bit with a large trout

* person2 slaps person1 around a bit with a large trout

* person2 slaps person1 around a bit with a large trout

* person2 slaps person1 around a bit with a large trout

* person2 slaps person1 around a bit with a large trout

* person2 slaps person1 around a bit with a large trout

* quits: person1 (escaping)


lesson 24 ->




lesson #24: all lower case


make sure, unless you type in all caps, that you type in all lower case (unless trying to impersonate an aol user with mixed caps).


lesson 25 ->




lesson #25: all upper case


a classic in forums, irc and just about everywhere on the internet. don’t use all upper case all the time, but the right amount in the right place can score you a serious claim to the lame hall of fame.



* joined channel #nomp3s

<person1> HELP WHERE CAN I FIND MP3S!!?????!!!!11111111111111


lesson 26 ->




lesson #26: alternating case


lol. this makes you very quickly seem like you’ve been talking to people named sexibabi4u6969 on instant messengers. in a nick it’s very lame and if you repeat it in in your text it is extremely annoying, and therefore teh win.



<PeRsOn1> Hi2u I jUsT tAlKeD oN aIm WiTh ThIs ChIcK bUt ShE hAd RaBiEs

<@person2> stfu

<PeRsOn1> StFu2u2 PeRsOn2!!!!1


lesson 27 ->




lesson #27: x, ecks and ics


this is pretty simple.. interchange x for ecks and ics for x in certain words and marvel at your lame genius. :O



* now talking in #asl

<person1> hi2u, secks4me?

<person2> nothx

<person1> y? u r teh sucks, send me pixtures or die k? np


lesson 28 ->




lesson #28: “uber” lol words


i’m sure you’ve seen teh ‘uber’ lame words around, such as lollercoaster, lollerskates.. etc. they’re just normal words with lol, rofl or lmao replacing some similar word or group of letters. if you use them in caps they become even more gay, annoying AND lame. now there’s a combo omg ;o



<person1> serious speech here






roflcopter / lollercopter






lesson 29 ->




lesson #29: !list and @find


some xdcc/fserve channels enable !list and @find. if they don’t, or no longer do support the triggers, make sure you use them to full lame advantage.



* joined channel #nomp3s

<person1> @find the_riaa_cant_touch_me.mp3


lesson 30 ->




lesson #30: z0r


z0r can be tagged onto most things to enhance it. works best with ‘lol’.



<person1> some funny joke omg so funny lol!!!!11

<person2> omglolz0r


lesson 31 ->




lesson #31: leet speak/cs talk


leet speak just involves replacing letters with numbers. I -> 1, L -> 1, E -> 3, A -> 4, S -> 5, T -> 7, B -> 8, G -> 9, O -> 0. also, j00 = you / h4x0r = hacker. do not use leet speak excessively. or you’ll be deemed a moron. leet speak mirc scripts are also very useful. additionally, speak about cs (counter-strike) is also extremely lame. gg (good game), hf (have fun), and n00b (newbie) are all part of the vocabulary.



* person1 killed person2 with a headshot from awm

<person1> 101 p3r50n2 j00 n008 1 pwn3d u 14m3r cuz 1 4m 73h h4x0r


lesson 32 ->




lesson #32: 0r


changing ‘er’ on the end of words to ‘0r’ is very lame. :O so use it, whore! also, adding 0r on the end of some words can enhance them considerably.



y do u suck0r

u r 4 14m0r



lesson 33 ->




lesson #33: ban requests


if you invade a channel and start being lame, there may be no active ops. if so, when people start requesting bans, type something like !ban yournick/!kickban yournick/!banmeplz. beware, when an op returns.. your command requests may just come true. :O



* joined channel #math

<person1> HELP PLZ WHAT IS 1+1 !????!1111111111

<person2> stfu

<person3> someone ban this lamer

<person1> k

<person1> !ban person1

<person1> !kickbanmeplz


lesson 34 ->




lesson #34: op requests


in a channel you know (or if you’re suicidal a channel you don’t), try saying !op yournick or !opmeplz. it’s lame and it may get you banned but it’s fun anyway :O



* joined channel #iknowthischannel

<person1> !op

<person1> !op person1
<person1> do you want to experience something new? then type /mode #iknowthischannel +o person1

<@person2> die


lesson 35 ->




lesson #35: foreign laughs/smileys/text


if you want to be extremely lame but from a different country, try typing foreign laughs such as ‘kekeke’ (korea) and ‘jejeje’ (brazil). also try some foreign smileys such as )) (russia), :))))) (mexico), :] (poland) and ^^ (korea). foreign text includes stuff such as ‘i r korea’, ‘brasil is the amazing!!!!!!!11’ and such. also, try typing in a language you know is banned from a certain channel. it’s fun and lame :O



* joined channel #english

<person1> HALLO

<person1> I R KOREA


<person1> KEKEKEKEK OMG ^_^ :]]]

<@person2> die u foreign lamer


lesson 36 ->




lesson #36: colours/colour spam/pictures


since mirc supports colours, they’ve be used as a very reliable source of lameness. just a few colours and you’ve got some lame points already. spam a lot of coloured text, and you get more points. spam an entire picture comprised of coloured text and you get maximum points. usually the latter is done by a script, refer to lesson 28. bold also helps enhance the colours by making them wider/bigger. :\



* joined channel #nocoloursplz







<@person2> stfu y0u lamer faggot


lesson 37 ->




lesson #37: scripts/bots


mirc also supports scripts. lame scripts are always useless and slightly annoying. good ones include: leet speak talking scripts, typo scripts, colour spam scripts, colour picture scripts, multiple trout slap scripts and so on. bots can also be made with pointless triggers, such as one than returns a random chance of pregnancy between two nicks with a ‘!rape nick’ command.












examples 2:


<person1> !rape person2

<bot1> chance of pregnancy between person1 and person2: 85%.

<person2> wtf r u gay person1??????!!!!11


examples 3:


* person1 slaps person2 around a bit with a large trout

* person1 slaps person3 around a bit with a large trout

* person1 slaps person4 around a bit with a large trout

* person1 slaps person5 around a bit with a large trout

* person1 slaps person6 around a bit with a large trout

<@person2> turn that script off person1, now!!!11


examples 4:


<person1> hye1 loui’ att my kpol tyop sicript!

<@person2> and i thought i was lame :/


lesson 38 ->




lesson #38: full stops


a full stop on a single line can enhance the line before, draw attention, be complete random and pointless, amongst other things. either way, it’s lame, so use it. k?



* quits: person2 (someserver someserver2)

* quits: person3 (someserver someserver2)

* quits: person4 (someserver someserver2)

* quits: person5 (someserver someserver2)

<person1> gay netsplits

<person1> .


examples 2:


<person1> sex is good

<person2> .


lesson 39 ->




lesson #39: homosexuality


usage of ‘gay’ and ‘faggot’ is quintessential to be lame. so do so. also ‘whore’, ‘bitch’ and ‘slut’ are invaluable vocabulary essentials. :O big words omgwtf O_O



u r teh gay omg

omgstfu u gay :O

fuck u faggotslut

y r u teh lame bitchz0r o_O

die whore


lesson 40 ->




lesson #40: repeated ‘go’/impatience


repeated ‘go’ phrases such as ‘gogogogogoogoggooggogogog’ are lame, annoying and korean. three things which make a good lame phrase. used in games like starcraft where a host has the start the game when everyone has joined. also as an addition, use zzzzz and snore to really annoy the person trying to do something.. >:O



<person1> person2 i need a file

<person2> ok, sec

<person1> hurry

<person1> gogogogoggogogooogogggogogoogogogoogo


examples 2:


<person1> person2 go host plz

<person2> kk, wait

<person1> gogogogogo zzzzzzzzzzzz

<person1> snore zzzzzzzzzzz

<person2> stfu idi0t


lesson 41 ->




lesson #41: repeated ‘lol’


like go, lol can be repeated. eg: ‘lololololololol’. not really an expression of laughter, more of an extremely gay way to express boredom.



<person1> serious chat

<person2> damn serious talk here

<person3> lololololololololololol

<person2> die :/


lesson 42 ->




lesson #42: modified quoting


if someone says something which has an obvious alternate form which can incriminate or make a slight humorous reproduction, change it!



<person1> so person2, did you do anything good yesterday?

<person2> yep, i went hunting and bagged a sheep

<person3> <person2> yep, i went hunting and shagged a sheep

<person3> lolomg u perv o_O


lesson 43 ->




lesson #43: ending in z


pretty simple, change plurals from s to z to make them more lame. usually you can change s to z in most words.



<person1> omg do you have teh ftpz?
<person2> lolz @ u!!1 teh mp3s on teh warez ftpz iz sux0rz!!1


lesson 44 ->




lesson #44: yo mama jokes


find some good yo mama jokes and overuse them on purpose. annoying and gay, two critical factors which makes it lame. O_O



<person1> hi

<person2> person1, yo mama’s like a chicken coop, cocks fly in and out all day.


lesson 45 ->




lesson #45: combining smileys and words


since most smileys contain letters, you can combine them with words (lame words if possible), to make lame smileywordthings. try it!






lesson 46 ->




lesson #46: away scripts


channels and people will get very annoyed by away scripts.. especially ones with lots of obnoxious and bright colours, verbose away messages.. hint hint.. etc. :o




<@person2> .

<person3> person1 ur teh sux :/


lesson 47 ->




lesson #47: stealing phrases/overusing them


occasionally someone not lame will spill a lame phrase unsuspectingly. if you notice it, GRAB IT AND OVERUSE IT! it’s teh best way to introduce new lame words and phrases to teh lame dictionary.





lesson 48 ->




lesson #48: being leet with lameness


being lame is one thing, but there is a method to teh madness. in order to be leet with lameness, it requires timing. figure out what will sound best and as soon as the chance comes, say it! if you don’t you’ll forever hate yourself so stfu and get started.



<person1> hey, does anyone have stfu.mp3?
* person2 kicks person1 in teh nuts

* person2 slaps person1 around a bit with a large torut

<person1> die :/


examples 2:

<person1> omg! have u seen tihs new m0v13???!1

<person2> nothx, die2u


lesson 49 ->




lesson #49: create, read or spread how to be lame


well of course.. me who created teh uber document of lameness is obviously the king of being lame, but also the king of being leet and lame together. also, anyone who reads this document will be more lame in some way or another.. and last but not least, everyone who posts the link on forums, msgs it in channels and nick queries on irc.. thx for teh support. soon your souls will be mine. GAHAHAHA.. or something.


lesson 50 ->



lesson #50: READ HOW TO BE LAME


duh. not reading how to be lame if you use irc is like not reading teh bible if you’re a christian. anyone who doesn’t read this leet guide is teh sux.. and if you’ve read it already.. STFU AND READ IT AGAIN



end ->

lesson 1 -^





congrats2u on completing teh how to be lame sup3rgu1d3!!1 make sure you practice lesson 48.. it’ll allow you to be lame without being stupid or looking like a complete moron. boring v1.0 text follows ->


well, that’s the end. i hope you learned something useful and lame. it’s up to you to combine all the elements of lameness together and make the lamest sentences known to the god of lameness’ lame son of lame.


msg me on irc (bunnyrape) or join channel #dnbwh0res @ efnet. there is now a key on #dnbwh0res due to idiots being teh sux, the key is one of the phrases in the underlined sentence following! till next time, y r u so lame plz die bc i pwn j00 47 73h cs skillz!!!!!!111 kekekk3kk3kke plz @find tehsex.rar thx. np k?




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once i sort my stupid mail relay errors, will be active.. until then, STFU because you can’t contact me k? np.




lots of fags on irc for help

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nrgetik for a leet mirror that changes urls every 10 minutes

everyone else is a mere peon in my quest to control irc



mnk0 is teh sux